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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Yeay.. i got myself a flash


finally, after a while figuring out my budget, then me n my family straight away went to pertama complex to buy my camera a speedlight...

no.. im not buying the overpriced but efficient & more reliable nikon's speedlights, but my budget only permits me to buy a thirdparty model.. huhuh.. ok la tu.. better then nothing right?

i bought Nissin Di622 SpeedLight..

ive been researching bout this particular brand quite a while, and the response is its a fair product, equivalent to Nikon SB600.. ok la kan for a beginner like me to explore...

next, a prime lens 50mm maybe!


GregChai said...

Wah now can take better photos with the speedlight bro.

Congrats! i'm thinking of new lens too, but right now must start saving money first :( in order to get the lens