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Friday, May 15, 2009

Am i too harsh?

now finally i arrived at my office..
such a hectic day..
friday.. full of surprises..

our main HQ hv requested smthg big for us t handle..
an interco transfer of a sum that can cause us to hv late salary this month if they cant pay it back soon !!!
well.. life is full of gamble...
we gamble with our life each day..

just now i went to pj pulak..
went to pay a visit at mahkamah syariah..
and masviona with me..

no wonder only husbands have the power of talak...
if the power were given to wives, then hancur kottt...
makes me wonder.. there's so many people thinks that talak seems to be the only solution when they hv marriage prob?
where the problem actually lies within the couple itself.

does a divorce really can solve marriage problems?
yes and no either..
depends on the couple's issue.

but y does women always take small small things and treat it like it was going to make the country bankrupt?
got wat i mean?
the small small things that happened in their lives, they put it deep into their hearts..
then like a time bomb..
or perhaps a volcano, it'll erupt eventually!
the hot larva spread through out the city..
choices? to let the larva cold itself... or spray water to speed up the process...
whereas all knew that to spray water is just a waste of time n resources...
but still you want to do it..
because you were panicked!
you were scared..
you were angry...
thus your decisions were based solely on ur emotional.. not ur rational
if u proceed with ur decision, it just will bring more disaster than it hv already be.

but dont worry..
i took viona to mahkamah syariah not to file a divorce..
no no no..
i do really love her..
with all of my heart!
though she deliberately saying something that she hv not should hv said to me, but i know that was not really herself saying that..
that was the devils' whisper...
and the anger inside her flamed the whisper to be a catastrophe thoughts!
i took my family there to ask the mahkamah whether they hv any counseling program for a couple like us..
yes.. i want to enroll for a counseling session..
i think both of us, especially me need to have a fresh input!
a positive input to make me be a better husband, a better human being.

a marriage is full of surprises..
full of laughter..
full of tears..
full of everything that the world can bring!
so just be prepared...
and hv ur rational thinking cap on!

alhamdulillah.. the path seems smooth now..


Uncle Dol said...

i am glad hearing that u guys went to mahkamah syariah to enroll the counseling session.. phewwww..

mama said...

aper citer...

nURmALa mAZLan said...


DaliaLiyana said...

nnt nak main bowling lg..ajak dalia ek...hehhe..