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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy Anniversary Mama & Abah

Last Saturday we had our Mama & Abah's 39th wedding anniversary!!


Location: Flaming Steamboat, Sunway

err.. this is a very looongggg entry as theres a lot of pics!!!!


viona & damia

abah & mama

bro syawal tunjuk skill makan..!! hahahaha


me & my youngest sister... she's the Official Photographer of the night

happy 39th anniversary!

damia saying something to safiyyah

y so serious?

kak ija n her daughter, along nurin

auuumm lagi...

tadaa... camho camho..

our lovely dotter, avin nurdamia alhamra

abg nazri & kak long's family

me & masviona...

akma & afiq

nyummmyyyyy..... aauumm

the foodsssssss....


GregChai said...

Happy Anniversary to your mum and dad

CuTeMiUt78 said...


Zoe! said...

Some great candid shots here!
Great blog :D


xillix axillixa said...

kek tiu beli kat mana?

family saya suka kek itu.. from king eh?