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0126506551 - Prebetsabu

Friday, November 28, 2008

Model - Avin Nurdamia


GregChai said...

great shots n cute baby :)

prebetsabu said...

still lack of lighting skill..

U can notice d ambient light is insufficient thus resulting a blur image... Not crisp enough..

Been playing with iso to get d right exposure...

Later will try to master the M mode

*Shots taken in A mode with no flash..hey is there someone care to sponsor me a decent flash? Hhahahaha

prebetsabu said...

damia cute?
she got that feom her Bonda!

tuberose78 said...

alamak.. kalu beli kamera kena tau sumer2 tu ker? iso? m mode.. a mode.. amender plak tu? adusss..

prebetsabu said...

theres always a full auto and pre programmed mode with all dslr..

But whats d point having a big bulky camera if u dont want to hv full control over iso,aperture,shutter n exposure..

Butter buy a high end point-to-shoot camera.itll definitely capture great pics plus the cute size... N some pts camera hv funky functions to edit n enhaced d pics ag frame,text etc etc